Enslaved Conference Schedule

Recording from the Enslaved Conference are available on the Matrix YouTube channel.  

RCAH Theatre, Snyder Hall, Terrace Level
362 Bogue St. 
East Lansing, MI 48825
Friday, March 8, 2019

8:00-8:30am: Registration and Coffee

8:30-9:15am: Opening Remarks – Enslaved Project

9:25-10:00am: Speaker Series 1

  • Daryle Williams (University of Maryland): “Slave Bios: Past, Present, and Future”
  • Henry Lovejoy (University of Colorado): “Legacy Websites and Long-Term Sustainability: The Case of slaveryimages.org”

10:10-11:05am: Speaker Series 2: Brazil

  • Keila Grinberg (UNIRIO): “Passados Presentes: A Database on Sites of Memory of Slavery in Brazil”
  • Kristin Mann (Emory) and Urano Andrade (São Bento da Bahia): “A database of alforrias (freedom papers), Salvador, Bahia, 1829-1852, and reflections on how it can be used to study the lives of African slaves and freed people”
  • Kari Zimmerman (St. Thomas): “Advertising Gender Slave Database: Escravos de ganho in Rio de Janeiro, 1850-1880” 

11:15-12:10pm: Speaker Series 3: Louisiana

  • William Jones (Rice): “‘Original Acts’ in Louisiana: A Database from the Parish Clerks’ Archives”
  • CANCELLED: Sophie White (Notre Dame): “Hearing Slaves Speak: A Database of Voices of the Voiceless in French Colonial Louisiana”
  • Anne Ulentin (University of the Bahamas): “Slaveholding Patterns among Free Women of Color in New Orleans, 1810-1820”
  • Keith McClelland (University of College London) “Legacies of British Slave-ownership”

12:10-1:10pm: Lunch Break 1:10-2:20pm: Speaker Series 4: New Approaches to Slavery in the Americas and the Atlantic

  • Linford Fisher (Brown): “Database of Indigenous Slavery in the Americas (DISA)”
  • Adam Arenson (Manhattan College): “After the Underground Railroad: Tracking African North Americans across the U.S.-Canada Border in the Emancipation Generation”
  • Nik Ribianszky (Queen’s University Belfast): “Contested Freedom: Movement and Gendered Violence among Free People of Color in Natchez, Mississippi, 1779-1865”
  • Helen Kilburn (University of Manchester): “The Romish Empire? British Catholic Imperialists in the Early Modern Atlantic”

2:30-3:25pm: Speaker Series 5: Plantations and the Material Remains of Slavery

  • Ben Brumfield (Brumfield Labs): “The Stagville Accounts in DEPCHA: Plantation Financial Records as Linked Data”
  • Terry Brock and Mary Furlong Minkoff (Montpelier): “Connecting and Sharing the Lives of the Enslaved Community at James Madison’s Montpelier through the Montpelier Digital Collections Project”
  • Jobie Hill (Saving Slave Houses): “The Slave House Database”

3:25-3:35pm: Break

3:35-4:30pm: Speaker Series 6: Brazil 2

  • Aldair Rodrigues (Universidade Estadual de Campinas): “Interior dimensions of the African diaspora: new evidence about the connections between the Bight of Benin and Minas Gerais (Brazil, Eighteenth Century)”
  • Clemente Penna (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro): “Judicial attachments and the internal slave trade in Brazil, 1830-1888”
  • Marcelo Santos Matheus (Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul): “The African slave trade to the south of Brazil through Catholic baptisms (1800-1850)”

4:40-5:40pm: Speaker Series 7: Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS)

  • Jillian Galle (DAACS)
  • Fraser Neiman (Monticello/UVA)
  • Charles Cobb/Gifford Waters (University of Florida)
  • Khadene Harris (Northwestern/DAACS)

5:45-6:00pm: Concluding remarks



Saturday, March 9, 2019

8:00-8:30am: Coffee

8:30-9:30am: Speaker Series 8: Free and Liberated Africans

  • Martha Ladly (OCAD), Katrina Keefer (Trent University), Kartikay Chadha (OCAD): “The Language of Marks: A Web-portal for Trans-Atlantic slave trade data collection, visualization and transcription”
  • Philip Misevich (St. John’s): “The African Origins Database”
  • Susan Rosenfeld (UCLA): “The Afro-Brazilian Returnee Database (ABRD): New Insights into Freedom and Mobility in the Atlantic World, 1850-1900”

9:40-10:40am: Speaker Series 9: Africa

  • Bernard Dossa (Symbole de l’Amitié, Benin): “Symbole de l’Amitié and Dahomeans in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade”
  • Daniel Domingues da Silva (Rice): “The Registers of Slave and Freed Africans of Portuguese Mozambicans, 1854-1875”
  • Brent Hansen and Seth Ogoe Ayim (Family Search): “Voices Bridging Families of the Past and Present: Collection and Preservation of Oral Histories in Africa”

10:50-12:05pm: Speaker Series 10: Runaway Slaves

  • CANCELLED: Simon Newman (University of Glasgow): “Runaway Slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century”
  • Lydia Lindsey, Tony Frazier, and Carlton Wilson (North Carolina Central): “‘Land of Liberty’: Digitization of Mid-Eighteenth Century Black Runaway Slaves and Servants in London” 
  • Joseph Yannielli (Aston University): “Runaway New England”
  • Edward Baptist (Cornell), Joshua Rothman (University of Alabama) and Brandon Kowalski (Cornell): “Freedom on the Move”

12:05-1:05pm: Lunch Break

1:05-2:20pm: Speaker Series 11: Challenges and Rewards of Building Databases

  • Jane Landers (Vanderbilt) Slave Societies Digital Archive and Jim Schindling (West Virginia) The Spatial Historian 
  • Rebecca Shumway (College of Charleston): “‘Peoples of the Atlantic Slave Trade’: a new interface for the Transatlantic Slave Trade Database”
  • Gregory O’Malley (UC Santa Cruz): “The Problem of the Individual for the Intra-American Slave Trade Database”
  • Martin Halbert (UNC-Greensboro) and David Eltis (Emory/University of British Columbia): “Working the Jigsaw Puzzle Together: Notes on Scholarly Collaboration to Create Slavery Research Databases”
  • Bruce Brand and Brent Hansen (Family Search): “FamilySearch Records of Enslaved People”

2:30-2:40 Break

2:40-3:35pm: Speaker Series 12: French, Dutch, and British Caribbean

  • Léon Robichaud (Université de Sherbrooke): “Marronnage in the Atlantic World”
  • Kyle Prochnow (York University): “The West India Regiments in the Digital Age: Building a Database of Enslaved and ‘Free’ African Soldiers”
  • Coen van Galen (Radboud University): “The Slave Registers of Suriname: day-to-day records of the enslaved population of Suriname from 1830 to 1863”

3:35-4:30pm: Speaker Series 13Narrative/Biography

  • Aaron Fogleman (Northern Illinois) and Keith Arbour (Cambridge, MA): “A Catalog of Published Narratives by African Men and Women Enslaved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1586-1937”
  • Bruno Veras (York University ): “Baquaqua: A transatlantic biography through a digital history initiative”
  • Luisa Cruz (York University): “Freedom Narratives: Testimonies of West Africans on the Era of Slavery”

4:40-5:15pm: Speaker Series 14: Spanish Caribbean

  • Jorge Felipe (Michigan State): “Reassessing the Slave Trade to Cuba (1790-1820)”
  • Bethany Wade (University of Pittsburgh): “Representing the Dead: Death Records and the Traces Left Behind”

5:20-5:40: Closing Remarks – Enslaved Project