In March 2018, Matrix began collaborating on the ontology for the Enslaved project with knowledge engineers based at the Data Semantics Lab at Wright State University (DeSe Lab) in Dayton, Ohio. After an intense period of preparation, Matrix hosted members of the DeSe Lab, including Professor Pascal Hitzler, Cogan Shimizu, and Quinn Matthew, for three days of intensive data modeling. The work sessions focused on modeling data about people, events, places, and provenance. Catherine Foley, Seila Gonzalez, Alicia Sheill, Duncan Tarr, Ryan Carty, Dean Rehberger, Ethan Watrall, and Walter Hawthorne made up the MSU/Matrix team. The DeSe Lab, led by Pascal Hitzler, advocates a modular approach to ontology development, one that re-uses common and well-understood ontology design patterns. This collaboration helped to refine and develop the ontology and has put the Matrix-DeSe Lab team on track to finish the data modeling documentation by early fall.