On March 11-12, 2018, Matrix convened a meeting at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, with Enslaved project partners. These 11 experts in the field of the historic slave trade are members of an Enslaved advisory group providing guidance on the development of the project.  In attendance were Walter Hawthorne, Enslaved co-PI from Michigan State University (MSU), Paul LaChance from the University of Ottawa, Jane Landers and Daniel Genkins from Vanderbilt University, Sharon Leon from MSU, Henry Lovejoy from the University of Colorado – Boulder, Paul Lovejoy from York University, Keith McClelland from University College- London, Gwendolyn Midlo Hall of Rutgers University and MSU, Steven Niven from the Hutchins Center at Harvard, and Daryle Williams from University of Maryland. Over the course of the two-day meeting, in large-group discussions and smaller break-out sessions, our project partners/advisors refined metadata fields and definitions and helped lay the groundwork for controlled vocabularies that Enslaved will use to promote searching and browsing. The Matrix team, led by Dean Rehberger, Enslaved Project Director and Director of Matrix, explained how the Enslaved project was actively defining a data model for the historic slave trade domain. When complete, this data model will be part of the Enslaved project’s linked open data (LOD) approach to sharing and reusing data about people engaged in the historic slave trade from disparate data collections. Jeff Mixter of OCLC provided useful insights about LOD as did the entire Matrix team including Catherine Foley, Seila Gonzalez, Alicia Sheill, Duncan Tarr, and Ethan Watrall (Enslaved co-PI).