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All data found within Enslaved: Peoples of the Historical Slave Trade will be published in the Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation.


The Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation is designed to showcase datasets of historical significance and scholarly rigor. Projects within the journal have been peer-reviewed, found to be historically significant, and are excellent examples of scholarly methods within the field of digital humanities. In the aggregate, the published datasets are wide-ranging in their temporal and geographical scope. Some publications, however, may be narrow in focus. Whatever the scope, all datasets published shall be scholarly in nature and include, at a minimum, 10 fields (that describe a person and an event described in a document), metadata, licensing and copyright information, as well as a textual description intended for multiple audiences.


To find out more about contributing to the Journal of Slavery and Data Preservation visit https://jsdp.enslaved.org/contribute.


The following projects have linked data that is currently available within Enslaved.org:


Forthcoming datasets include:

  • Database of Coroners' Inquisitions Taken Over the Bodies of Enslaved, Formerly Enslaved, and Free Black Peoples in the U.S. South, 1840s-1890s (Stephen Berry)
  • They Had Names: Representations of the Enslaved in Liberty County, Georgia, Estate Inventories, 1762-1865 (Stacy Ashmore Cole)
  • Take Them in Families: The Enslaved People of Casa Bianca Plantation, Florida (Miranda R. W. Burnett and Martin H. Violette)
  • Free Africans Disappearance Ads, 1834-1861 (Daryle Williams)
  • Africans in Rio de Janeiro: Burials and Residences, 1870-1888 (Flávio Gomes)
  • Year of the Slave, Rio de Janeiro, Jornal do Commercio, 1840 (Keila Grinberg and Mariana Muaze)
  • Slaves and Post-Mortem Estate Inventories, Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro, 1821-1888 (Ricardo H. Salles)
  • Advertising Gender Slave Database: Escravos de ganho in Rio de Janeiro, 1850-1880 (Kari Zimmerman)
  • Slave Value Database (Daina Berry)
  • Mortality in the South, 1850 (Robert W. Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman)

JSON and RDF files of the linked open data found on this site are available at docs.enslaved.org/lod


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